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A scene from our production of Home for


On this page you will find a collection of some of the many monologues which Alfie James has written. In some cases, they have been taken from his plays. These are free to use for auditions or show reels. Alfie only asks that you let him know that you are using them.

If you using a mobile, the links will be at the bottom of the page


"Binleys speech" 

Male - Playing age: 18 + 


Taken from the Tank: Frey Bentos Story. In this speech, the misunderstood Binley reveals the truth as to why he has a heart of stone. 

"The Sister" 

Female - Playing age 30 + 

Taken from the Women in War play. Throughout the play, the Sister appears to be a rock, holding everyone together. This speech gives an insight into her character and honours the work with nurses do even today. 

"Lost child"

Male - Playing age 35 + 

From the Home for a lost soldier play. In the original version, The Mayor gives a speech about losing his son to the War and how he feels lost without him. 

"There was a man..."

Male or Female (Any age) 

In the play "Home for lost soldier" we needed a powerful poem which described (and mocked) the villain of the piece. 

"Gone to the moon"

Male or Female - Playing age 12 + 

A piece which explores the consequences and how suicide effects those left behind. A child asks their father 'why'...why couldn't they have stayed? 

"Rude man"

Female - Playing age 35 +

From the "My boy Danny" play. The mother remembers her dead son growing up with a fond memory of when he was rude man. 


Female - Playing age 30 + 

From the "My boy Danny" play. The mother speaks about how we take those normal things for granted until they're all gone. 


Male - Playing age 14 + 

Taken from "The Hideaway", Charlie's famous speech revealing why everyone hates him and what happened to his brother. 

"Two friends" 

Male - Playing age 16 + 

In the play "My boy Danny", Rory tells the story of that great summer he spent with his best friend and reveals how much he meant to him. 


Male - Playing age 16 + 

Taken from the play "Little old Alf". Billy is confused and lost. He's angry. He doesn't know who he is and he's frustrated with being dealt yet another blow in life.

"Hello there, Hello" 

Male - Playing age 50 + 

In the play "Little old Alf," we explored a moment where Alf speaks about the love of his life. The hopes, the dream that never was to be. It's a lovely reflection to all married couples and of how true love will never die. 

"Don't tell mother!" 

Male - Playing age 25 + 

A fun, sweet piece about Peter Porter, the Air Raid Warden in the "Spitfire Club" play. 

"Doin' one's bit" 

Female - Playing age 35 + 

Miss Evers is the Billeting Officer during the Second World War. She speaks of her duty to ensure that every child is evacuated safely. She takes pride in her role. (Oh, and there's her significant friend Winston too!) 

Below are some recordings of some of the monologues which people have very kindly recorded. 

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